Build pics continued – Oct thru Dec 2016


This pic shows the first of the 12V LED lights that we had working, as well as the start to my control panel wall.  This wall is eventually hidden inside a closet. It has two AC electrical panels – one is fed by 50A 220V service for everything that will require shore power or a generator (HVAC, washer/dryer, microwave, water heater) and the other is 30A 120V fed through a 2000W inverter for everything that is capable of being powered by the batteries.  There is also a 12V panel for the lighting and all other RV-style items that run off 12V.  Other items eventually on this wall include slide-out controls, water heater (electric and gas) switches and tank/battery monitoring.  Everything about this build was designed around the possibility of being used completely off the grid.  It is also pre-wired for solar, though that is not in use at this time.



Funny story on this.  One day we were in Home Depot and saw this washer/dryer combo but it was only like 20% off – still much more than a cheap Chinese one off the internet. One day Dad went back to see if he could get a better deal on it but earlier that morning it had been dropped to 50% off and was already sold.  A few weeks later, we were back in Home Depot picking out faucets and such, and there it was, back in the store and now 75% off!!





The majority of the siding is vinyl board-and-batten style, with the loft area covered in vinyl cedar-shake-like siding. The windows are framed in pine and stained with a 25-yr Behr premium stain


We had to make it look all festive at Christmas!


Hannah is pleased with the progress so far.


All the plumbing is roughed in.  The fact that the majority of the sub floor is down inside the frame, and that most of the plumbing was in the area of the wheel wells, made for some interesting routing of the drains.




We had the entire structure insulated with spray foam.


The tongue-and-groove ceiling looks nice. All these lights are 12V LED.




Hannah designed the look of the loft using pallet wood stained in various shades of gray and brown.  It turned out awesome.


One thought on “Build pics continued – Oct thru Dec 2016

  1. How hard was the trailer to tow? As you have different shaped roof. Were you scared of the wind on the highway? I am in the planning stage for my own build and love the roof height. I want something like a dormer myself. Beautiful home 🙂


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