Late project build pics – Jan – Feb 2017


So much has been done since the last pics were taken.  The custom cabinets and stairs have been built.  The walls have been covered with tongue and groove pine,  the kitchen shelving and tile has been done and the HVAC and auxilary propane heating has been installed.  The walls were stained a dark gray, then painted white and distressed with a sander.  The shelf brackets are antique cast iron found at a vintage market.


The appliances are from the original RV. The counter top is butcher block. The shelving by the fridge is for a pantry (left) and spice rack (over the stove) and are built into the walls


This the livingroom slide-out.  A sleeper love seat and side tables will go in here.  It was originally designed to re-use the jack-knife sofa from the original RV but we scrapped that idea.


The slide-out creates a huge open area for the living room.



This area was originally supposed to be a second bedroom with a twin mattress on a platform. We went a different direction and made it into a study, but made the bench expandable and will use a twin-size futon mattress as the cushions so that it can still be used as a bedroom if needed.



To make the bathroom a useable size, there is enough room for a 36″ shower and still room left for storage beside it, as well as a standard vanity and toilet.  The interior dimensions are roughly 4’x8′.  Huge in terms of a tiny house bathroom.   The toilet is a standard household toilet since it will be used in an RV park setting for at least the first few years.  It may eventually be replaced by a composting toilet if it is ever taken off the grid.


6 thoughts on “Late project build pics – Jan – Feb 2017

    1. We used the Slideout hardware (rails, motor, etc) that were part of the donor travel trailer frame and built the walls on that. The roof was built separately and is mounted to the main house wall on hinges.


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