The Final Project – February 2017




Slide-outs are tucked away and we are hooked up and ready to go to our first (and hopefully long-term) destination – an RV park near Hannah’s college campus.


And here she is parked and ready for use.







That ugly wood-grained fridge is now painted in chalk board paint.


This “barn door” can be used to hide the pantry or close off the back room and bathroom.



The finished loft


The back room study.  The slide-out is what makes this room even possible.


The fold-down wall desk in the study



The bathroom all decked out.

23 thoughts on “The Final Project – February 2017

  1. What a gorgeous house you have Hannah. You are so lucky. Couple questions
    # 1 – what would be the total weight for towing?
    # 2 – what is your final length, height and width?
    I am in the designing process and know for sure I want stairs. The pull outs are tremendous and such a smart idea 🙂
    thank you,


    1. Thanks for the kind comments. It weighed in at 14,500 lbs. The trailer, hitch to bumper, is 33 ft. The outide dimensions of the house with the slide-outs in for travel, is 27′ x 8.5′ (includes the slide-out roofs folded flat against the walls). We also pushed the limit on the height. It finished out at 13′ 5″ at the peak of the metal roof ridge.


      1. I love your home! I would want it just like yours! Im thinking of downsizing. I love tiny houses! Ive been looking at many. I really like your style i may have one built just like you. Enjoy!!!!

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  2. I love your new home Hannah. I live in Queensland, Australia and have been watching the new tiny home craze in the USA. We have some tiny homes here too but they’re pretty basic. I would love a tiny home one day. All the best in Uni Hannah as well. And you have a great Dad to help you with the whole thing.

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      1. Final, in fact, very beautiful and spacious.
        That’s the way I intend to do mine, too.
        How did you do the sliding parts? Do you have any drawings to guide me?
        When you come to Brazil, you can stay in my tiny home, which will be in the mountainous region of Campos do Jordão, State of São Paulo.

        A hug,

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    1. The slide-out mechanicals (frame and motors) were part of the original travel trailer, but we did have a welder friend shorten and move the living room one for us. As far as the build out, that was all trial and error. We did much head scratching and had to re-work the roof system a couple times so that it would work properly. Sorry that I’m probably not much help on answering your question on that. But I wish you the best on your build and feel free to ask questions along the way. And if I ever do get to Brazil, I’ll have to look you up and check out your house. 🙂


  3. Wow. My dream home. I spend hours watching Tiny House shows and reading blogs. I lived onboard a 24 foot sailboat for 3 years with my husband and baby so to me, a tiny home would be like living in a mansion. All I want, eventually, is to find that perfect piece of property on a river and have a tiny home just like yours to move into with my two dogs and a cat. I guess what we learn in living small is that things are just that… things. We don’t need much if we have a place to call home.

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  4. This a great floor plan. You should have plans drawn up and sell them. I think you have one of the best yet! The cost is great also. My daughter wants a tiny house so bad. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Hannah this is the absolute most BEAUTIFUL tiny house I’ve ever seen. It is perfect! I want one just like it! Kudos to you and your Dad. The slide outs are really really cool.


  6. Hi, Hannah!

    This is really impressive! Way to go! Did I miss the square footage estimate somewhere? I’m curious about it.

    Thanks so much!


  7. What a fantastic final product, kudos to you both! The idea to invest in creating this for your college living (I assume 3 years with freshman year being on campus?) and perhaps a year or two after while you get your bearings if in the right area. But then to have it as a second home retreat and perhaps a retirement home later makes it a genious investment too! Just the collaborative project between father and daughter was worth every penny and manpower hour though I’m sure so the ongoing years of benefit make it the best investment the right family could make. I was suprised to see you purchased the original trailer for this projuect, I had been thinking it was something you already owned while learning about it on the Tiny House site. Again, great job (just doesn’t say it), both of you! What a team.


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